Killzone 2 webgame: Tips & Tricks

22 02 2009

Sony released the Killzone 2 webgame yesterday and Oh My God… what an awesome way of promoting a game. I have been playing this with a buddy of mine for some time now and I must say it is addicting. I couldn’t think of spending a better way until the deployment of Killzone 2.

Now comes the part where everyone is anxious about… the tips and tricks. It can be a pain in the ass to find those encounters. So we’ve assembled some tips and tricks for you guys to stack up your score.

Boost your encounters:

Some sites trigger more encounters… what we did was visit:




BuyKillzone (The link on the official Killzone webgame site)

What happend was we did get more encounters. Another thing you can do is refresh those pages a lot while checking you stats in the meanwhile.

Score Multipliers:

If you want to score big you need to focus on multipliers. There are several way to do so.

– Give headshots

– Score several hits

– Go for the explosion; When the flying enemy pop-ups shoot him in the red glowing area … if he explodes while there are enemies are nearby you will score extra.

– Play in a team; By doing this you will get additional bonus points for every shot and kills you make. Furthermore you are able to revive team mates, this will grant you 3000 xp and up wards.

How to kill enemies:

There are four different enemy types (Atleast they have showed up until now.

– Helghast which come from the left or right; These can be killed with one headshot.

– Helghast which come from above; You will have to land two consecutive headshots.

– Helghast in green; These ones are the hardest since when they duck down you will need to land three headshot.

– The flying enemy; Reload before this one pops-up. When it’s there you will need to aim at the red glowing part and shoot him between 8-10 times. It will move and you will need to shoot him another 8 times or so. When you have done this, it will explode. Another thing you need to be aware of is that helghast will stand in front of him so remember where the red area is and shoot as fast as you can. This way you will take out the Helghast in front of him plus you will blow him up right after the Helghast is dead.

If you guys have any more tips and tricks, feel free to post them in the comment section. Have fun and remember, score big ;)!


Feel free to join our squad: Dirty Dutch




14 responses

22 02 2009

Tip – Don’t just go for head shots

With Helgast who come from the left or right shoot them in the body 4 times then once in the head getting the most points and the same with the Helgast that drop down

23 02 2009

It’s mutch better if you do in 1 shot a headshot.. Then there will respawn a new helghast more soon than when you shoot him 4 times and then in head..

28 04 2009

Umm… actually, his method is almost perfect. Here, lemme get you guys some stats based on what I’ve observed:

Lvl 1 enemy:

How to spot: Enter on foot from left or right side, black/grey/white armor, turn to attacking position while standing.

How to kill:
5 body shots (anywhere but the head) or 1 head shot.
4 body + 1 head = 1518 points instead of only 500 or 518 (head shots count as hits with multiplier, but get a bonus of an extra 500, so their normal consecutive hit bonus does still count alongside the 500 point head shot bonus)

This may be too slow of a tactic to survive, so this is for advanced PC FPS players only! (otherwise, aim for the head, and take time enough to shoot, it’s not that hard :P)

-shooting them in the body while they’re still running to their position will cause them to stop and make where they are standing their position, and makes killing them much faster and easier, thus allowing more spawns, and more points.

Lvl 2 enemy:

How to spot: They drop down from the ceiling, not that hard to tell the difference.

How to kill: 8 body shots, or 2 head shots (7 body and 1 head consecutively gives a HUGE bonus- about 3k points, again, only for expert PC FPS players)

Lvl 3 enemy:

How to spot: yellow outfit, moves in from left or right, generally bigger due to more armor, and they have a half-skirt around the back of their waist.

How to kill: 11 body shots, or 3 head shots. (10 body and 1 head, again, HUGE bonus, I think it was about 6k total, very useful, but again, experts only :P)

Gunships: These ones don’t really have too many tricks to em, just kill em as fast as you can, and aim for the red dot (people say it glows, but I’ve never seen it glowing…) just unload, and remember: You only have 12 shots to a clip, so use them wisely, and remember when to reload!

I got a max of about 80-90k points from following the expert method with normal enemies only (no gunships involved) with 96-99% accuracy rating.

28 04 2009

correction, for lvl 1, my tactic gives 1118, not 1518 😛 it basically counts like 2 head shots + 118 points. Also, a great tactic to utilize the stacking thing:

Try to stop enemies while entering so that they are RIGHT in front of eachother, then kill them quickly, just unload on the bodies, try to shoot in a place so that once that person is dead, the one behind them will be hit too, you can get some MASSIVE consecutive-shot bonuses from this.

19 06 2009

bad comment, not true

22 02 2009

On are many attacks too!
And.. I’m Dutch too 😛

22 02 2009

Thank you guys for leaving these comments, I guess we help other KZ2 webgame user with reaching a higher score

22 02 2009
22 02 2009

At least once a game when shooting the crouched helghast i get the Melon Popper points. thats 5000 points for shooting him in the forehead

23 02 2009
26 02 2009

On clicking on the red box that has CriterionGames in it, is a hidden explosive.

26 02 2009

Join “CHECK YOUR WEAPON” and together we will rule the internets. There are 2 open slots.

5 03 2009

It also triggers at and

19 06 2009

im a pro, best thing to do is when yu shoot the asult rifle, tap trigger so it dosent bounce up and down recomended, works well

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