Killzone 2 webgame: Tips & Tricks part II

23 02 2009


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Since the first post was ah so popular we have gathered additional tips and tricks to make it even easier for you guys and gals to score big time. Wanna know what you need to do, continue reading!

Use explosives:

What explosives? Yeah I didn’t realise it the first time I played it as well, but in fact the website your on is covered with hidden explosives. Oh yeah, how do I trace them? It’s simple, look for red object on the screen. Everything that’s red from above the half of the screen is a possible explosion. So for example go to YouTube and shoot the logo. If lucky you will take out a lot of enemies and score like 50.000 bonus points.

Rank Up:

Okay, this one might sound straight forward but there is more depth into the webgame as we orgininally might have thought. When you rank-up and become another rank you will get additional enemies like the flying enemy is was talking about the other day. Furthermore you will have to fight longer and these enemies will pop-up more. The rank where I’m at right now gives me 1:30 play time and 90% of the time I will have to fight 3 flying enemies. Without the multiplier of squad mates you will score anywhere between 110.000 and 180.000 points.

Thanks for reading it, I hope you guys found it usefull and tell me when you have discovered some other tips and tricks.

Click here for part I

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One response

24 02 2009

Strange, I’m at the same level as you are but I don’t get that many drones. So far I get 1 per battle if I even get one at all! Battles also still last for only a minute. I’m a squad, maybe that is a difference? Anyway… there are still two slots available for Order 66… get in while you can!

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