Killzone 2 webgame: Tips & Tricks part II

23 02 2009


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Since the first post was ah so popular we have gathered additional tips and tricks to make it even easier for you guys and gals to score big time. Wanna know what you need to do, continue reading! Read the rest of this entry »


Killzone 2 webgame: Tips & Tricks

22 02 2009

Sony released the Killzone 2 webgame yesterday and Oh My God… what an awesome way of promoting a game. I have been playing this with a buddy of mine for some time now and I must say it is addicting. I couldn’t think of spending a better way until the deployment of Killzone 2.

Now comes the part where everyone is anxious about… the tips and tricks. It can be a pain in the ass to find those encounters. So we’ve assembled some tips and tricks for you guys to stack up your score.

Boost your encounters:

Some sites trigger more encounters… what we did was visit:

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